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About Willow & Hazel Fencing Hurdles

The fabrication of fencing hurdles from both willow and hazel is an ancient craft and has been used in Britain and many other countries for centuries. Originally used as moveable fencing to partition land in open field farming systems, willow and hazel fencing hurdles are as effective and attractive as they were all those years ago.

Amberley use only the finest willow and hazel from properly managed land to make our fencing hurdles. Entirely sustainable they are the perfect way to bring a traditional, natural look to your garden.

The main difference in construction between a willow hurdle and a hazel hurdle is the diameter of the wood used. Typically a willow hurdle will use willow not more than approx. 10mm in diameter to give a smoother looking finish to the hurdle. A hazel hurdle by comparison will use hazel of between 10mm and 20mm to give a more textured looking finish to the hurdle.

Our hazel hurdles and willow hurdles continue to be well received by both retail customers and the trade. We have supplied the South East including Surrey, Hampshire, Sussex, Berkshire, Kent and Dorset for over 20 years.

Bespoke Fencing Panels

Amberley has developed a range of three woven willow fence panels to offer new ways of enjoying the beauty of willow hurdles in your garden. These panels bring three different textures to the tradition of hurdles and are ideally suited to more formal areas of a garden or to urban gardens. Available only to order in woven willow, thick willow and bunched willow these panels are erected in precisely the same way as an ‘ordinary’ panel fence but give a very different result.

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