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Household Baskets

The best wicker baskets for shopping and household storage

At Amberley we only supply the highest quality wicker baskets and we offer a basket for every need in your household. These beautiful wicker baskets will enhance your home with their natural, simple beauty, they are natural and very durable.

At this time of year an open fire or a log burner add real personality to your home. Our sturdy wicker log baskets are a wonderful way to ensure logs don’t become an eyesore.

Wicker kitchen baskets come both with or without a frame and runners and in a range of sizes to fit most standard kitchen units.

Customers constantly surprise us with the uses they find for our empty traditional wicker hamper baskets – under-bed storage complete with handle? Our linen/laundry baskets come in three sizes and the larger ones are very popular as a beautiful toy chest. No bad thought at this chaotic time of year.

Our lovely natural wicker shopping baskets and shopping trolley spell the end for those piles of carrier bags bursting out from wherever they are stored.

If you choose an Amberley wicker basket you will enjoy the natural beauty of wicker for many years to come.

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Traditional Shopping Trolley

Traditional Shopping Trolley


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